Kavala in a nutshell

Kavala is one of the most attractive of Greece’s largest cities, rising like an amphitheatre from the beautiful harbor up to a huge Byzantine fortress. The spacious squares, contemporary buildings, and shopping centres on the west side of the city form a pleasant contrast to the traditional old houses, tiny gardens and flagged alleyways of the eastern side.

The harbour is particularly picturesque with its countless brightly coloured fishing caciques moored along the waterfront. Among the city’s impressive landmarks are the old walls, the Byzantine castle, and the Kamares – the aqueduct erected by Suleiman the Magnificent in the 16th century , Mehmet Ali’s house (18th century) and the Imaret, a Turkish building.

The walk up to Profitis Ilias to admire the panoramic view over the city takes you through the fascinating old district. The old houses of the Panagia quarter of town are in excellent condition. In particular the Imaret, an old building with 18 domes overlooks the harbor.

A youth hostel in Turkish times the building is now a cafe. The archaeological museum contains finds from the ancient city of Amphipolis, a colony of Athens.

Meet the Kavala

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Kavala at a glance

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