Terms & Conditions

Minimum Rental Period:

The minimum rental period is 24 hours (one day).

Driver’s Age:

Minimum rental age is 23 years on last birthday with at least two years experience on a full driving license, drivers under 23 years of age may rent a car, at our discretion, for an additional daily charge of €10 on the official pricelist. The maximum rental age is 75 years.

Driving License:

The drivers must hold a valid driver’s license issued in the European Union. Drivers from outside of the European Union require an international driver’s license. All drivers must have held their driver’s license for a minimum of 2 years.

Terms of payment:

Full payment to be made when you collect the vehicle either by cash, Visa or Master card.

Vehicle Use:

Normal cars (jeeps excluded) are not allowed on unpaved (non-asphalt) roads. If we find a normal car being driven on unpaved roads, or the car is photographed off road, we will reclaim the vehicle immediately, without notice and no refund will be made for any unused days. If this is the case, there is a charge of 100 euros and you will be liable for the repair of any damage found on the undercarriage, wheels and tyres of the vehicle, plus the replacement cost of any filters and the cost of any special cleaning.

Delivery of the vehicle:

It is the responsibility of the renter to check the condition of the vehicle and to ensure that any existing damage is recorded on the Rental Agreement when taking delivery of the vehicle. Any damages not recorded on the Rental Agreement and found when the vehicle is returned will become the responsibility of the renter.

Return of the vehicle:

Unless otherwise stated on the Rental Agreement the vehicle is to be returned to the rental office from which it was taken. If the vehicle is taken from Thessaloniki Airport and returned to Thassos or vice versa there is a standard additional charge of €50. From Kavala Airport to Thassos island and vice versa the additional charge is €30. The change station fee regarding different pick-up/drop-off locations in Thassos is €10. In the event that the vehicle is returned late there is a charge of ¼ days rental for every hour over the recorded time on the Rental Agreement. If the vehicle is returned with the interior in a very dirty condition a charge of €15 will be made for cleaning.

Early Return of the vehicle:

The duration of your rental starts and finishes according to the pick-up and drop-off dates and times detailed on your contract, the price of which will be confirmed at time of booking and is calculated on the basis of 24-hour units. Unfortunately Cheap & Go Car Rentals is unable to make refunds for vehicles, in case of late pick-up, early return or unused days.

Out of hours Collections/Returns:

Our opening hours are:
Airports: Monday to Sunday 08:00 – 21:00
Thassos branch offices: Monday to Sunday 09:00* – 13:00 & 17:00 – 21:00 (returns from 08:30)*
After hours services are subject to a €15 charge.


The vehicles must be returned with the same level of fuel as recorded on the Rental Agreement. Fuel left in the tank is not refundable.

Βooking Cancellation:

We offer free cancellation on all bookings made via our website or by phone call. For bookings made online please visit our homepage to edit/review your booking. You will need the e-mail address given at the time of the booking and the reservation number. For phone call bookings please contact us on 0030 25930 52071 to inform us as soon as possible.

Oneway bookings:

Oneway bookings from Thassos island to Thessaloniki/Kavala Airport and the opposite can only be confirmed 1-2 days before arrival.

Breaches of the law:

All penalties or fines are the responsibility of the renter.

Travel on Ferry Boats:

You are allowed to travel by ferry to Thassos island. Travel on ferry boats to other islands is strictly forbidden.

Pet Policy:

We allow on request housebroken pets to ride in rental vehicles with no additional fees provided they are properly contained in a travel kennel, container or cage at all times. For the health and comfort of subsequent renters of the vehicle who may be allergic to animal dander, the vehicle must be returned in its original condition with no animal hair or feathers anywhere in or on the vehicle. Renters whose vehicles require a detailed cleaning to remove animal hair or address sanitary issues will be assessed with a €40 fee.

Smoking is strictly forbidden in the cars.

Smoking is strictly forbidden in the cars. A 80 € cleaning fee will be assessed for vehicles returned with evidence of smoking.

Mileage limitation for short term rentals.

Cross Border Rentals strictly forbidden.

Baby/child seats cost €2 per day each and boosters are provided free of charge.

Car Wifi available €4 per day.

GPS available €4 per day.

In case of an accident or damage to a vehicle:

  • Inform Cheap & Go Car Rentals immediately.
  • Do not acknowledge responsibility in anyway.
  • Report the accident to the police and make an accident report.
  • Collect the names, addresses and phone numbers of any involved parties and any witnesses.
  • Do not remove the car unless officially asked by the traffic police or the representative of the insurance company to do so.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW):

The following insurance cover is included in our rental prices:

  1. Death and injury for all third parties and passengers of the rental car from Cheap & Go Car Rentals up to the maximum of €1.220.000.
  2. Third party property damages up to the maximum of €1.220.000.
  3. Drivers Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) provides cover for injury or total disability up to the maximum of €12.000.
  4. Full fire and theft insurance for the rental car.

If you are responsible for an accident or damage to the rental car from Cheap & Go Car Rentals the following maximum payment is applicable:

Categories Payment up to
A, A1, B €500
B1, B2, C, D, E, E1, G, L, S, S1, S2 €700
F, F1, J €1000

Full Damage Waiver (FDW):

You may avoid the above excesses by making a daily payment of:

Categories                      Daily Payment
A, A1, B €3,00
B1, B2, C, D €4,00
E, E1, G, L, S, S1, S2 €5,00
F €8,00
F1, J €10,00

Insurance coverage for the underside of the vehicle (WUG):

The following items are not covered by the Insurance Policy and if damaged, lost, or stolen will be charged to the renter: underside, wheels, tires, antenna, all glass and windows, mirrors, windscreen wipers, interior panels of the car, upholstery, radio-CD, baby seats, child seats and flat batteries caused by negligence (e.g. leaving lights on while the car is unattended).

You may for an additional daily charge of €3 for A, A1, B, €4 for B1, B2, C, D, €5 for E, E1, G, S, S1, S2, L, F and €10 for F1, J, insure the above Wheels, Underside, and Glass (WUG). 

*Please note that Cheap & Go Car Rentals and the insurance do not accept liability for loss, theft or damage to personal items in a vehicle.


All insurances are void and you are responsible for full payment of all damages, including third party damages if:

  1. You are under the influence of drugs or alcohol or any substance which may impair your consciousness or ability to react.
  2. You fail to stop after an accident or fail to report an accident to Cheap & Go Car Rentals, or the Police (tel. 100).
  3. The vehicle is used for any illegal purposes, e.g. smuggling, theft, illegal haulage or commercial use.
  4. Driving whilst overloaded (four seat belts = four passengers).
  5. The car is being driven by someone not named on the rental agreement.
  6. The vehicle is used for races or any other competition.
  7. The car is driven on unauthorized roads, for example non-asphalt roads or beaches.
  8. You are in breach of any Greek traffic laws.

ATV Rental Terms

Minimum Rental Period:

The minimum rental period is one day (24 hours). However, depending on demand, we may request the vehicle is returned before 09:00 on the last day of rental.

Driver’s Age and Experience:

The minimum rental age is 23 years old on your last birthday and you must have held your driving license for at least 2 full years. Maximum rental age is 75 years old.

Driving License & Competency:

Drivers must hold a valid driver’s license issued in European Union. Drivers from outside of the EU must provide an up to date international driver’s license. We reserve the right to refuse to rent an ATV, without reason. We reserve the right to ask you to demonstrate you have the required skills to drive an ATV.

Terms of payment:

Payment will be collected in full when you take delivery of the vehicle. We accept cash and Visa and Master Card credit cards only.

Your Safety:

Cheap & Go Car Rentals is responsible for the maintenance and technical condition of our vehicles. We guarantee the safety and road worthiness of our vehicles to ensure your safety. It is forbidden to carry out any maintenance or make changes to our vehicles. Under Greek law you are obliged to wear a crash helmet, we provide these free of charge. It is your responsibility to wear it. ATV’s can carry a maximum of 2 people, including the driver. It is forbidden to carry more people, excess cargo or to attempt to tow another vehicle or trailer. All of our ATV’s come equipped with a small, lockable storage box for your convenience.

Vehicle Use:

The vehicle is for use on asphalt roads primarily. It is strictly forbidden to take the vehicle to Ipsarion mountain or Giola (natural swimming pool). Apart from those places, you may use the vehicle off road (only on proper unmade roads) with our permission, this will be recorded on the Rental Agreement. The vehicle is not to be used for commercial gain, competitions or races and if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Pick Up and Return of the Vehicle:

The vehicle can be collected from of our offices, we also offer a collection service from your holiday accommodation, please let us know if you require this service when making your reservation. You are required to sign a Rental Agreement when you take delivery of the vehicle. It is your responsibility to check for any existing cosmetic damage and to ensure these are recorded on the Rental Agreement, failure to do so could result in you being held responsible for those damages. Unless otherwise agreed, the vehicle must be returned to the original rental station on the agreed date and time. In the event of a late return we will charge a ¼ of the daily rental charge for every hour over the agreed return time. If the vehicle is returned in an abnormally dirty condition, Cheap & Go Car Rentals S.A. reserves the right to charge an extra €10 for cleaning.

Early Returns:

The duration of your rental is for the duration as stated on your Rental Agreement. Cheap & Go Car Rentals does not offer any refunds in case of late pick-up or early return.


The vehicle must be returned with the same fuel level as recorded on the Rental Agreement. Failure to do so will result in a refilling charge of €10 plus the cost of the fuel.


The helmet/s we provide are your responsibility during the rental term. Damaged helmets cannot be repaired or reused and must be replaced at your expense. The replacement cost for a helmet is  €60 and the visor €15.


The vehicle is rented with three keys, one for the ignition, one for the storage box and one for the steering lock. Loss of these keys will incur a €50 replacement charge (each).

Breaches of the Law:

All penalties and/ or fines are the responsibility of the renter.

Travel on Ferry Boats:

Transportation of the vehicle on ferry boats is strictly forbidden.


All vehicles are rented with CDW – Collision Damage Waiver (3rd party insurance), this is included in the rental price. It covers 3rd party costs up to €1.000.000. If you are responsible for an accident or damage to the vehicle, Cheap & Go Car Rentals S.A. will charge you an excess payment up to a maximum of €4.000. The cost of any damage to the storage box, helmets, mirrors, wheels, tyres and undercarriage of the vehicle remain the responsibility of the renter. Our insurance does not cover personal effects.

Accident/ Damage or Mechanical Breakdown:

In case of any of the above, you must:

  • Inform Cheap & Go Car Rentals immediately.
  • Do not acknowledge responsibility in anyway.
  • Report the accident to the police and make an accident report.
  • Collect the names, addresses and phone numbers of any parties involved and any witnesses.
  • Do not move the vehicle unless instructed to do so by either the police, a representative of our insurance company or Cheap & Go Car Rentals


Failure to comply with our Terms and Conditions will result in the immediate collection of the vehicle with no refund.

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